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Healthcare organizations have always played an important role in the country but this year has really shown how they face challenges like the coronavirus. Now more than ever, healthcare organizations we expected to work smarter than ever before. The appropriate technology and data can help healthcare organizations figure out anything from operational costs to solutions to improve a patient’s stay. Hospitals have never lacked in the data department. The key is in finding the right data to analyze and using the right technology to use it effectively.


Two areas where data analytics have an impact are in electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical documentation improvement (CDI). Both of these allow data to be open to users and organization leaders at any time. During the past few years, many healthcare organizations have begun to implement EHR but before anything professionals need to communicate with people to see if they want their information being used. CDI is clinical-based which can help improve organizations who haven’t worked effectively with coding-based data. The deal with coding is that the information is processed after the fact, but clinical-based information is documented as a healthcare provider is talking to their patient or immediately after. 


There are many barriers healthcare organizations will have to overcome while trying to use analytics effectively. For example, not being consistent with your organization’s method of processing the data can ruin everything. Everyone should be on the same page and understand how you plan on using the analytics. Another thing to watch out for is the one person in the room who always challenges the data and questions if it is accurate or not. Carilion Clinic’s Stephen Morgan, MD, said 80% of the work is changing people and culture, 15% is changing and improving process and 5% is the technology.  Data is data for a reason so there is no need for somebody to question how believable it may be.


At a time like right now where healthcare organizations can use all the help they can get, data analytics can be that helping hand. With the right techniques and technology, your team of staff will be able to change your way of operations and make lasting improvements.